Pippa Howes, working in Mixed-media, Painting

My work draws me, the characters who sometimes appear and the viewer into the narratives of explorable spaces. I made a short animation starring a small voyeur who crawled around the walls of city streets, peering into lighted windows. He was spotted, finally and fell off the window sill in shock. But he was not really sinister or a spy so much as, like me, a flâneur(se), curious to explore streets and intriguing spaces and their stories... I am influenced by John Piper, 1950s fashion illustration and graphic design as well as Thomas Lawrence, John Sargent and 60s children's book illustration such as the work of Brian Wildsmith and John Burningham at that time. Some of the above I came across during my first degree in Fine Art at Leeds University and much later during an MA in Illustration/Animation from Kingston University. There I was intrigued by the notion of 'serial vision' and other ideas for good townscape described by Gordon Cullen, influential town planner and urban designer and illustrator, in Townscape, 1961.. In between Leeds and Kingston, working for the BBC in Set Design for 15 years, I learnt to visualise sets and discovered and was hugely influenced by, the marvellous concept art created for film production and animation, past and present. In my work now I am following unfolding visions of city and woodland spaces. These could be on prowls through the streets of London, Naples, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Venice or the forest paths of the West Country. For me, in their labyrinthine and intricate spaces they all have something in common.

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