Olivia Kazlauskaite, working in Mixed-media, Painting

I am an artist based in the beautiful ocean city called Plymouth. I have started my Foundation Degree in 2013, where I used 2 years of the course to find myself as an artist. Around that time I felt a strong passion in the art that I did, an inner urge to draw, that drawing process was like a learning journey, and every strike of the pen, every mark has showed me so many possibilities of that one object that I was focusing on. In 2015 I commenced my studying for Ba (hons) in Illustration, that year was a very special time for me because I felt like I had found my art practice, since then I have found my true way of working and most importantly I discovered painting. This was the time where I really thought about putting my art practice into the creative industry. I would carry on experimenting with my drawings and my images through my feelings and emotions. I realized that over time I have become very expressive and intricate with my work. I understand art as a way of inner expression towards my understanding of life. It is a very personal matter which I use as a tool of release. I gain a lot of influence from nature, it is my spiritual practice which continuously grows. I work in a variety of media like acrylic paint, pens, pencils, pastels and even some forms of print, such as lino and etching. I carry a lot of sensual and intricate detail through my mark making and use of color.

07582 241944