Katy Stoneman, working in Mixed-media, Painting

Having returned to the South West to live near my childhood haunts of Bodmin Moor and the coasts I find I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and in particular the moors and the sea, I want to try and capture the feel of the landscape I am painting. I love the moor, it's raw beauty and immensity inspire a need in me to paint and capture a moment. The colours are always stunning from the bright, crisp winter skies to the muted misty autumnal vistas. The ever changing colour of the sea is always a challenge to capture, one minute I can be painting in full bright sun, the next sea mists are removing the view in moments. I try to avoid a chocolate box style (I’m not averse to putting in some barbed wire where necessary!) whilst still portraying the natural beauty in this gorgeous part of the world I am lucky enough to live in. I paint both 'en plein air' and from sketches and photos in my home based studio. The different processes have different results and styles. I enjoy exploring new ways with paint and expressing my emotions within the medium.

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