Kathy Lovell, working in Jewellery, Photography, Printmaking

From childhood I have been making and designing clothes and jewellery, first for my dolls and then for myself. Major influences were my grandmother's and mother's clothes and jewellery, the styles of Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy. I ran a interior design company for several years but after moving to a smallholding in Cornwall, I wanted to make individual jewellery designs, inspired by my surroundings, for myself and others to wear. I take photographs constantly of what I see - as a piece of art, a diary or a visual reminder of something I want to translate into a physical piece of jewellery. Copper is a material that I particularly like to use, as it is was mined in the Tamar Valley. Its warm colour adds a richness to designs. Now that copper wire is coated there isn't as problem with it going green when worn. I also like to combine different materials, particularly sterling silver and copper. Found objects such as shells, driftwood, leaves and stones that I discover when out walking my two lively dogs are also incorporated into my work.

Newton Barn, Metherell, Callington, Devon


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