John Pettitt, working in Painting

Following a career as a Chartered Architect and running my own practice, I have returned to painting as a way of expressing myself creatively. Coming from a rural background, I have always had a love of the natural environment and a particular interest in the wild and unspoilt landscape of the British Isles and the Westcountry in particular. I seek inspiration from the wilderness of Dartmoor, the Cornish coastline, the marshes and mud-flats of the Tamar Valley and the timeless drama of Lydford Gorge, near my home. I prefer to immerse myself in landscapes that have remained unchanged and are increasingly scarce and hard to find. I feel sadness for those aspects of the countryside that have disappeared in my lifetime and I hope that my paintings may draw attention to the beauty that survives in these precious places, helping to preserve them in a small way. I usually paint in acrylic on canvas and have recently been experimenting by applying paint with the palette knife. I enjoy the immediacy of this technique and appreciate the depth of colour and variety of textures that can be achieved.

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