Jean Mintoft, working in Painting

Ever since I was a young child, I have loved drawing, and was always inspired by colour. I dabbled in painting throughout my life, but it was not until I went to live on the coast of Wales in 1999 that at last I took my painting seriously. There, inspired by the beautiful scenery, I started to paint landscapes. I was often asked to paint commissions for holidaymakers, who wanted to take their wonderful holiday memories home with them! At the time I painted mainly in pastels, but since I moved to Plymouth in mid 2014, I have experimented in other media, and currently use mainly acrylics, sometimes with collage and mixed media. Colour has a strong emotional resonance for me, and such things as a sunset sky and the sparkle of sunlight on the sea always cause my spirits to rise. In particular, I am interested in the contrast of light and shade, dark and light. Strong defined colours are my favourites, and in general I avoid muted colours. I also find fascination in patterns and mechanical structures, and have done paintings of motor bikes, steam engines and the like. Flowers, still life, portraits, dogs, and occasionally also other animals, have been subjects for my paintings. All my adult life I have been a committed Christian, and I see painting as a wonderful way to express my faith, by attempting to show beauty, clarity, wonder, fascination and “life” in my work. I seek to reflect the love of God and the amazing world around in my paintings. My work is displayed in the on-line Art Gallery SW.

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