Fi Smart, working in Ceramics, Mixed-media, Painting, Printmaking

From a legal background, I recently stumbled upon printmaking having done very little in the way of art since school and it has given me a way to capture and make something of the thoughts that constantly flit through my mind, triggered by everyday life. I am interested in the insignificant, unnoticed objects and moments that pepper a day and in finding unexpected links and patterns. I enjoy the challenge of trying to turn thoughts into visual images rather than words and having now found a way of articulating my ideas, I am pursuing my exploration of printmaking with a sense of urgency. The different processes involved in producing the various types of prints and the endless ways that they can be combined and modified all fascinate me. Each of the methods of printmaking seems to nurture different facets: linocuts encourage experimentation with colour, etchings the use of line and marks, and collagraphs the exploration of colour.

01822 853606