Clare Rogers, working in Printmaking

I was born and brought up in Exeter, Devon and wanted to be an artist from the age of six! Constantly drawing, mainly from still life, I filled many sketchbooks and my school studies focussed mainly on art and design. I moved to Plymouth in 1982 to train as a graphic designer and the influence of type and text, paper and design has never left me. In 2011 I completed a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Plymouth University and my focus turned to creating hand-made books. The books are a meeting place for my interest in writing poetry, extracting text, drawing and mark making. Since 2017, an interest in printmaking has become paramount in my practice, both complimenting my book work and expanding my engagement with fine art, especially within the vibrant artistic communities in the South West. Through collagraphs and monoprints I look to abstract landscapes to demonstrate the diversity and richness in the countryside and shores of Devon and Cornwall. I still continue to draw, looking at landscapes and still life. I am fascinated by how my drawing style has changed over the years and how it has responded to different teaching styles and the influence of other artists, such as: Jeanette Barnes, Sarah Ross-Thompson, Jackie Curtis, Sophie Calle, Richard Long, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Ivan Chermayeff..........



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