Clare Law, working in Painting, Mixed-media

Clare Law was born on a farm in beautiful Cornwall, in 1976. At a very early age she was introduced to the world of art, dabbling with oil paints and charcoal, freely exploring the possibilities of their application. In 1998 she graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Illustration, having thoroughly enjoyed investigating all mediums and the idea of telling a story. Upon graduation Clare moved to London, where she soaked up the city life, recording all its colours and the electrifying atmosphere it had to offer. This culminated in a series of 6 exhibitions throughout London, which were successfully received. Along with her husband, Clare travelled to many countries recording momentary experiences of shapes, ideas and colours, which has given a diverse pool of memories to be constantly called upon. By 2007, Clare had given birth to two beautiful boys, which brought an unexpected ability to emotionally and creatively focus all that she had learnt and seen over the years. Clare's constant inspiration in art has been the Impressionist movement. Although she has an appreciation of all forms, Impressionism stirred a feeling of great excitement and proved to be the way she looked upon the world. Returning to oils, Clare now produces richly textured paintings, working with the medium as it embraces an idea. Having moved back to Cornwall, the ever changing landscape and sense of peace has resulted in an avalanche of inspiration - each work is a culmination of emotions and memories while utilising the beautiful landscape around. Clare spends her days painting in her stunning converted barn, while using the dynamic sea and moorland walks to gain creative clarity, often visiting London to be inspired by passing moments of madness or the wonderful abundance of galleries. Each piece completed adds to a stunning and vibrant body of work.

01579 388759 or 07939 040 956


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