Cheri Hunston, working in Image & Text, Mixed-media, Painting

Cheri lives and works on Dartmoor. Creativity is in her blood and bones.  She grew up in a creative family home. Both her parents were artists: her father a calligrapher and book-binder and her mother an oil painter. They nurtured her imagination and creativity allowing her to experiment with ideas and different mediums. Throughout her life, Cheri, has been fascinated by the natural world and animals; this, coupled with her academic studies of children’s literature, and love of Victorian illustrations has culminated in her unique style of art.  Using a single ink nib she creates intricately detailed animal characters. Artistic influences include Arthur Rackham, John Tenniel, the Art Nouveau Movement, Aubrey Beardsley and the Pre-Raphaelites. Being meticulous, and using ink, which is one of the most challenging of materials, (as it cannot be erased or painted over) means that an original piece can take months to complete. Quality is at the core of all Cheri’s work. She uses only the finest Italian hot-pressed paper and sable brushes, victorian ink nibs, and 24-carat gold burnished with agate. Her limited editions are produced by a specialist art printer on heavy weight fine art Hahnemuhle paper. Cheri is exacting when it comes to producing a print that is as close to the original as possible. However, some of the detail cannot be replicated and in some limited editions Cheri has to hand embellish each print. A unique feature of all Cheri’s work is the love heart that she hides within each piece.  She has developed a growing number of collectors and has sold both nationally and internationally. She rarely exhibits as her originals take so long to produce and often sell before she can organise an exhibition.

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