Andy Cairns, working in Mixed-media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture

Studied Art and Environmental Education at Lancaster University before working in community arts and then further education, teaching across the art and design range but particularly drawing, sculpture and photography. Completed MA in Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Design in 2004. Andy has exhibited widely and participated in Norfolk contemporary art exhibitions such as Salthouse and the NCAS biennial show. He moved to Devon in April 2014 and runs West Devon Art Workshops.. "I draw inspiration from the reuse of urban materials, the alchemy of recycling for both practical and aesthetic ends. Visually, I like to show the multilayered history of reused materials – their corrosion, reworking and layering over time. "Recent work draws inspiration from specific locations and reclamations, particularly along the coast. My work is not a literal depiction but an assemblage of fragments from memory and association. "I have become particularly interested in the patination effects I can create with Iron and Copper water, traditionally used as mordants in natural dyeing, when applied to surfaces and heated. As well as using on my assemblages and collages, have begun to experiment with them as a drawing medium. " I use photography primarily as a research tool for inspiring my work, but sometimes incorporate them in my assemblages to add an extra layer of narrative. Occasionally however, a photograph will stand as a piece of art in its own right."

36 Drake Gardens, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 9AT


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