"Border country always has a special atmosphere - a certain edginess that occurs at the interface between two distinct areas. The Tamar Valley, which both joins and divides Cornwall and Devon, has just this special quality and an identity that is all its own". (Pip Palmer, Features Writer)

The Tamar Valley Area is host to a large number of professional artists and has been an inspiration to many since Turner's visits in the early nineteenth century. Today, artists who have been drawn to live in this area are working in a variety of ways and media that reflect developments in contemporary art. They are united by their passion for this beautiful, but sometimes forgotten, part of Devon and Cornwall.

The Drawn to the Valley group was formed in 2003 by the artists themselves, mainly as a support network but also in order to promote the Tamar Valley Area Region and to contribute to the regeneration of the local economy through selling exhibitions and Open Studios. We now have over 160 members, ranging from painters and printmakers to ceramicists, sculptors, calligraphers, jewellers and textile artists. Membership is open to anyone living and/or working in the Tamar Valley Region. Our artistic community is continuing to grow, and we would like you to share in it.

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