"Border country always has a special atmosphere - a certain edginess that occurs at the interface between two distinct areas. The Tamar Valley, which both joins and divides Cornwall and Devon, has just this special quality and an identity that is all its own". (Pip Palmer, Features Writer)

The Tamar Valley Area is host to a large number of professional artists and has been an inspiration to many since Turner's visits in the early nineteenth century. Today, artists who have been drawn to live in this area are working in a variety of ways and media that reflect developments in contemporary art. They are united by their passion for this beautiful, but sometimes forgotten, part of Devon and Cornwall.

The Drawn to the Valley group was formed in 2003 by the artists themselves, mainly as a support network but also in order to promote the Tamar Valley Area Region and to contribute to the regeneration of the local economy through selling exhibitions and Open Studios. We now have over 160 members, ranging from painters and printmakers to ceramicists, sculptors, calligraphers, jewellers and textile artists. Membership is open to anyone living and/or working in the Tamar Valley Region. Our artistic community is continuing to grow, and we would like you to share in it.


The DttV Committee,

Our Committee is made up of Drawn to the Valley members who volunteer to help administrate our events and activities. The Committee meet regularly to discuss DttV matters and together they work to help the group achieve our mission which is to provide a great network for artists, a way of keeping in touch and opportunities to exhibit work inspired by our passion for the beautiful Tamar Valley Area and beyond. Our Committee are;

Iain Grant
Janet Brady
Vice Chair
Sally O'Neill
Tessa Jane
Social Media Administrator
Alan Dax
Nick Palmer
Melanie Guy
Clare Law
Adrian Edwards

Our Area Reps,

Our Area Representatives are member volunteers who support the other members in their area. They welcome new members and provide a mentoring environment to local member artists and help with promotion of Drawn to the Valley events and activities in their area. Our Area Representatives are;

Tessa Sulston
Clare Law
Ian Pethers
Gunnislake & Calstock
Faith Chevannes
Launceston, Lifton & Chillaton
Anita Townsend
Launceston, Lifton & Chillaton
Sylvia Hofflund
Gay Kent
Simon Young
Pippa Howes
Abbie Gardiner
Kate Williams
Torpoint/Rame Head
Nicky Beaumont
West Dartmoor Villages
Mary Harold
West Dartmoor Villages
Tessa Jane

Join / Membership Information

Interested in joining the group, please complete and return this form: click here for infomation


What is Drawn to the Valley?
A not for profit support group for local artists; the Drawn to the Valley group was formed in 2003 by the artists themselves, mainly as a support network but also in order to promote the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and to contribute to the regeneration of the local economy through selling exhibitions and Open Studios. We now have over 160 members, ranging from painters and printmakers to ceramicists, sculptors, jewellers and textile artists. Please see above for more information.

How can I join, and how much is membership?
Membership is open to professional artists and craftspeople living and/or working in the Tamar Valley. (Within a set radius of the River Tamar, this includes Plymouth). Membership is £60. Please complete and return this form: click here for the membership form.

How is Drawn to the Valley run?
Drawn to the Valley is managed by committee (who can stand for 3 years) on a voluntary basis by the artists themselves, they meet most months and are supported by two part-time, paid freelance administrators, and a freelance feature writer. The group is self-funded by choice and the events have to self-finance. The accounts are published to members during the AGM. As a self-funded artist collective, the membership fee covers our overheads; administration, website, publicity, promotional materials, insurances etc.
Participating artists are asked to volunteer for a steward shift during our exhibitions. The group has a volunteer artist area representative for each area. We rely on our collective effort to make our events work. This could be done in a variety of ways from simply responding to emails or letters and attending open meetings to sitting on the Executive Committee or event sub-committees. Open Studios participants are also responsible for collecting their promotional material and distributing it in their area, being present in their studios at the times stated in the brochure and reporting visitor numbers and total sales. We also encourage members to post their details on the Drawn to the Valley website. The group can only run successfully with the co-operation and support of its members.

What are the benefits to Drawn to the Valley Members?
Website gallery page, newsletter, exhibitions and open studios artist drawing days, workshops, speaker evening, and mentoring on request, as well as networking and external opportunities. The drawing days are usually free of charge, where members can draw, paint and photograph their surroundings while meeting and catching up with other members. These are throughout the spring/summer months. There is also an annual speaker evening and/or a business skills workshop, and informal coffee mornings, all free to members.

What’s On
We have three regular exhibitions each year, Spring (April), Summer (August) and Winter (November), and our Autumn Open Studios. We often run another smaller exhibition and in October 2018 we held our first London exhibition in Pall Mall. We're a busy group and every member can show work in as many, or as few, of these shows as they wish.
Please refer to our events page and newsletters for our public events and member only events.

How do I enter my artwork and information onto my gallery page?
When you join you will be sent an email with instructions, if you need additional help just ask.

How do I enter my artwork into exhibitions?
We us an online form for entry for our exhibitions and Open Studios. Our largest exhibition of the year is our Tavistock Summer Exhibition. This has a £35 standard entry fee with 25% commission, our two smaller exhibitions, Spring and Winter, are both currently £12 to enter, although there is the possibility that this may be reviewed and increased marginally.

Open Studios
Open Studios is in the Autumn, to fund the event it is £85.00 for 1/3rd page entry, £115 ½ page entry and £225 for a whole page in our high quality A5 brochure. Deadline for entry is by end of April. Online forms go out beginning of March.
We supply you with a box of brochures, 1 handbook, 5 A4 and 5 A5 posters, 2 large corex signs with space for your directory number, 4 arrow signs with space for your directory number and 6 sticky numbers for use with the corex boards and arrows. Some areas get together and produce their own area flyer to work with the brochure, artists are expected to self-publicise their studio in conjunction with Drawn to the Valley PR.

Is artwork selected?
Generally, our exhibitions are open, not selected. Artists are asked to submit a set number of works with the guarantee of a set number to be exhibited depending on space, they list their works in the order they wish them to be exhibited, dependent on space available. The committee elects a curating team, who decided which works are exhibited and the layout.
However, there have been occasions in the past where a venue has instructed, or space restrictions have necessitated a selection process. This will be made clear to participating artists on the exhibition guidelines. We have used the lecturers at Plymouth College of Art to assist in selection processes in the past.

How do I become more involved?
Contact us here for information on becoming a committee member or joining a sub-committee, you may also wish to help out your area rep, all help is appreciated.